Things We’ll Keep

Things We’ll Keep

We have been talking about getting rid of most things we own, but we haven’t mentioned the essential things we’ll keep.

Jeremy and I have been getting good at deciding what we need and what we won’t need when we get back from the hike.

As you can imagine, the list for what we’ll keep is pretty small.

We have had a couple conversations in which we basically say “let’s throw it all away!” only to revisit the question a little more open-minded.

That’s just where we are. We’re already hiking in the UK with two backpacks and a couple items in the states to our name, plus a car. We’re ready for the jump, so it’s really hard having to wait for the rest of the things.

Boo hoo right? Because at this end of this very small waiting period, we’ll get to visit some of the most beautiful country on the planet. I’m trying not to sound so whiny, I’m just so stinking excited!

So, yes, we will be and have been giving away a lot of “fluff stuff”, but what are the things we’ll keep?

I categorized the items by the room in which they are used. And keep in mind, this list is based on downsizing an apartment for two newly married peeps.

1. The Kitchen.

Because we use the kitchen so often, this room has been tough. We both came to our first place together with two separate sets of plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, cookers, skillets, wine glasses, utensils, and too many coffee cups it’s ridiculous. Recently, we’ve pared down to only a few of each.

We now have:

  • Four large plates
  • Two small plates
  • Four large glasses
  • Four small glasses
  • Two stemless wine glasses
  • One crockpot
  • Coffee pot
  • Vitamix
  • Toaster
  • Two small bowls
  • Two large bowls
  • One cooking pot
  • Four skillets
  • Silverware
  • Four coffee mugs
  • One pizza cutter, one wooden spoon, one spatula, one whisk, and random smaller utensils we use often

*The strike throughs represent items we know are not going with us, and we hope to decrease the amount of each item as well. 

Looking at this list, it sounds like a lot, but when you begin with almost four times that (we had a lot of dish ware and pots/pans between the two of us) that ain’t half bad. Plus, this list will only get smaller the closer we get to THE BIG DAY.

Getting rid of stuff in the kitchen is great, but you know what? I discovered the glorious reward for doing so! The other day, I realized that we only use the items we have kept. Meaning, the four plates we kept are the only four plates we use. Since we cook at home a lot, I have started to hand wash most everything all the time because we simply don’t use enough items to fill the dishwasher before we need the items again. Pretty cool, huh?

While a true minimalist might say “we only own one plate per person” I still think the goal is to waste less. So, if we use all four plates we own and don’t have other lonely plates in the cupboard that don’t get used, I call it a win.

things we'll keep

2. The Bathroom.

I think the bathroom may be the easiest room to deal with.

What does anyone need? Toilet paper, toothbrush, hair brush, shampoo/conditioner, razor, a couple towels each?

Besides our medicine cabinet and a few items I’ll probably decide not to take (my diffuser is a beast) we have been good about keeping this room under control.

3. The Bedroom.

We’ll be in an RV, so there is no way we can take any of our furniture besides the mattress, so… we’ll be taking the mattress.

Then we have clothes and shoes. We don’t have a ton of clothes or shoes, but this area needs a bit of work. I have been going through clothes and shoes for a couple months now and I am STILL finding items I don’t use enough to justify keeping.

things we'll keep

4. The Living Space.

In an RV, there is a bedroom, a bathroom and the rest of the space is what I would call living space. This is the space that incorporates the kitchen, living room, and driver area (if you have a van, Class A or Class C RV).

Since we are currently looking at Class C RVs, our living space will play a huge role in the feel of our entire home, so it will be important to keep this space open and not bombard it with a bunch of stuff.

Like the bedroom, our living space won’t consist of much since we won’t be taking any furniture, so we’ll have our TV and some pictures, but that is about it. We plan on doing remodeling to the used rig we buy, so we may have books and a few meaningful knick knacks here and there, but not much else.

One of my first questions when talking about the transition between a home and an RV was where do we keep all the things that matter to us? 

Well, I’ve come to realize, if my things that keep me stationary matter more to me than the opportunity to travel and work from the road with less, there aren’t many things that matter to me.

It is definitely a trade off.

Somewhere deep inside me I like the idea of having everyone and everything I love near me at all times, but those things lose their value when we don’t realize what it is like without them. Plus, when we are able to pare down and analyze what we have more intimately, it can serve to make us grateful knowing we have more than most, even if we willingly give those things away.

And gratitude will always be the first item on the list of things we’ll keep.

things we'll keep

What have you kept with you through your life? What have you given away that you thought you’d regret but didn’t? Let’s talk! Drop a comment below.