10 Reasons To Buy A Dumb Phone

10 Reasons To Buy A Dumb Phone

Are smartphones really smart? Are dumb phones really dumb? With everything on the market, there don’t seem to be many reasons to buy a dumb phone, so why would I?

I have had a smart phone for nearly five years. Five years sounds like nothing, but there have been a lot of technological advancements during this time. Namely, the smartphone.

  • In 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone: a one of a kind. Sure, there had been other prototypes, but I think we can all see that the iPhone has set the stage for smartphones across the board.
  • Come 2010, Jobs introduces another product to the market: the iPad.
  • By 2011, smartphones were outselling personal computers.

To read a short history of smartphones plus the above mentioned, here’s the link.

Wow. Within four years, smartphones had revolutionized the technological market. Now, we can’t imagine our lives without them. Why wouldn’t we want a smartphone where we can access Facebook, Twitter, Email, all my friends, and the rest of the world at the same time?

Our desire to be connected has cultivated a market that has taken full advantage of us.

My iPhone is pretty cool. I can take cute pics of my cats, text five people at the same time, keep all my dates to remember, get on Facebook, get on Twitter, get on Pinterest… because of all the apps available, this list is literally endless. There is not enough time in a regular lady’s day to possibly do everything I can access on my phone.

So, I’m cutting it out. No more smartphone. But what is the alternative? No… don’t say it… you mean… AHHHHH!

If any of you have laughed at something Ron Swanson has said or noted how great his mustache is, you may understand me.

Yes, I am using a fictional character to make a point.

If you watch Parks & Rec, you know that Ron only cares about a few things: Diane, his wood work, a good glass of Lagavulin, and meat.

What I have come to learn about myself, is that I only truly care about a few things, too. We can’t care about everything or we end up not truly caring about anything.

Our attention is probably one of the most finite aspects about us as humans. We can only realistically focus on one thing at a time. Our span of personal or social regard in a given instance is small. And as Swanson says, “Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing.” Without our phones (dumb or smart) in hand, we can whole ass driving, talking to a human, or any other activity in which we engage.

Recently, I was writing for the website or something, and I saw it: “Nokia is bringing back the original dumb phone.” Intrigued, I read a few more articles about it, including the announcement on Nokia’s site. I found myself glad that a simple phone is still an option at all. While most people buy small simple phones as their 2nd phone (for a day at the beach… not even kidding), I want one phone period.

I thought about how much data extra data I used up in the past month, all the apps I use, and how easy it is to have it all on one device. My smart phone can do a lot.

Then I thought about how much time I spend on my phone; not only texting/communicating, but mostly listening, watching, reading…

As much as it makes sense to have one device for all the things, it only took a moment for me to consider what I find valuable in that opportunity. It’s not all the things I can do, it’s the very simple nature of such a thing to begin with. I no longer have to painstakingly wait for a letter in the mail or be at home to answer the landline phone; I can do this anywhere I go.

Why must I have access to all the smartphone amenities any time I want when I know I don’t need to? Our devices bombard us if we let them. And, in a sense, own us. Oh, you have to use me to get done all you want to do today. And they are pretty, yea, we can admit that.

“Capitalism: God’s way of determining who is smart and who is poor.”


I jest, but I had my answer.

I’d get a dumb phone.

At first, I wanted to wait for Nokia’s new 3310, but the latest news is that it won’t be released until May, but then I realized that’s just another band wagon to jump onto “the latest and greatest train” from. Our desire to have something new is what I think propels the rest of the world to consume more than we are naturally inclined. You think we were made to be on our phones all day or rely on a device?

Yea, I decided to hell with it, just get any dumb phone now, **so I bought a Blu Zoey: a dumb phone that came out in summer of 2013.

**Updated, first phone desired did not support 3G, so I had to go back to the drawing board. It’s a smart phone world, y’all!

I realized I am too dependent on technology for what I like to do. Namely, for podcasts and musics. Not only that, but I feel pressured to communicate with others when I know I have every opportunity to respond even if it is not a convenient time or I simply don’t want to. GASP! If we start feeling pressured to talk to the people in our lives because of our devices, what does that say about our relationship to technology? And think of the damage it has caused in some of our relationships. While the latter is more of a personal question rather than a question of technology, I think they can go hand and hand at times.

So, what do I need in a phone? What is it I find valuable in the way a mobile phone works?

Simple communication, when necessary. We don’t need to know the ins and outs of everyone everyday all the time 24/7… you get the point. It drives us crazy and puts our minds in places we would not have even considered had we not been given an opportunity to speculate. Oh, that does not happen to you? You are one of the lucky ones.

Having a mobile phone in and of itself is amazing! The rest is just fluff stuff.

Without further adieu, here are my 10 reasons to buy a dumb phone.

reasons to buy a dumb phone
Blu Zoey 2.4 3G, Source: WalMart

1. I don’t need a smartphone. Talking and texting are plenty for any human with a phone to be satisfied. Snake is just a bonus.

2. I have a computer and a tablet. The things I want to do don’t need to be done on three devices. Computer: Work. Tablet: Work away from home and reading.

3. More battery life. Because it does not use as much energy, a simple phone like the Nokia 3310 0r 105 has plenty of battery life. BATTERY LIFE FOR DAYS!!!

4. I won’t worry about dropping it or someone taking it. $20 phone, brown hair don’t care. And ain’t no one about to steal it.

5. Limited options. Yes, I am purposefully giving myself minimal options so my attention can be directed to something more worthwhile. The Facebook on the phone battle has been going on for a while. Why can’t I stay off??? Boredom. Plain and simple. No Facebook, no problem.

6. Less accessibility. We drive ourselves crazy knowing other people are more accessible than they used to be. With that, we demand they answer every text, phone call, Facebook message, What’s app chat, etc. If they don’t, we KNOW they did it on purpose. Come on, we all know someone like this.

7. It’s cute and vintage. Come on, it’s pretty cute, and how many people have you NOT seen with a smartphone recently. Grandma doesn’t count, but I bet even she has a smartphone.

8. It’s a conversation starter. If I like anything, it’s getting people to think. I want to be out and about and have someone note how ridiculous it is to have such a phone, or, better yet, they ask me WHY. With so much at our disposal, it should be obvious I chose the phone on purpose.

9. I’ll be more inclined to experience my surroundings. Think about the last time you went to dinner. How many times did you or your friends check their phones? Point made.

10. It is safer. I cannot do much on a dumb phone. It is tempting to do something on my phone in traffic or at a stoplight, and I do. With my simple little dumb phone, I’ll probably forget it is in the car.

Yea, I’ll miss having Google Maps (most used app on my phone), but wow, maybe I’ll start to learn how to get around without it. Bloody brilliant!

While I won’t be able to access Spotify or my podcasts with as much ease, I believe I’ll be getting something back in a different way. Maybe these dumb phones are smarter than we think. 

Indulge me… 

Have any of you smartphone users downgraded to a dumb phone? Would any of you be interested in doing so? If so, why or why not?