Living in Lincoln City, OR

Living in Lincoln City, OR

While I wouldn’t consider us official Oregonians, living in Lincoln City, OR has left us with a good taste in our mouths.

We arrived in Lincoln City exactly a month ago. One. Whole Month.

Truly, part of me can’t believe we’ve been here this long and yet it feels like we’ve been here for a while.

We’ve built a small, but wonderful community at the park we’re living in, we can see the beach from our living room, and we’ve already had a lot of Oregon made beer.

We’re basically Oregonians, I know.

WayPair in Pacific City, OR
Pacific City, OR

So, how did we end up here?

A lot of you know we were scheduled to arrive in Newport, OR south of Yaquina Head (Jeremy’s work) by September 15th. Lincoln City was our last resort. There was NOTHING available in the area even after the eclipse.

A sweet lady from Premier RV called me back days before our departure from Texas.

I was freaking out.

You are my savior, I told her.

I’m only your savior if I can guarantee you a spot.

She did. A week later, we pulled into site #46 and haven’t left.

So, what happened exactly?

Well… while on a date day in Newport, we were checking out a little breakfast place on the harbor and decided to check out our soon to be home.

We almost missed it because the park was that spectacular.

Spectacularly desolate.

Yes, there were guests. Quite a few, actually.

However… we went to check out the site we’d be in for the next five months of our lives and our hearts dropped.

We found it to be in direct sunlight, the site had lackluster asphalt, and thoughts like will Melvin fit? ensued.

What were we going to do now? 

Well, we went to the front desk for starters. Coffee from breakfast still in hand, hearts still droopy, we asked the lady the length of the site, making sure it would fit our rig.

“It’s a 40 foot site,” she said, “I think you’ll fit just fine.”

Her grin was not reassuring.

Outside, I asked Jeremy if we should spell out our concern.

“She’s only here for the season. She probably doesn’t care.”

Given her lack of even the slightest inquisition, I decided he was right.

We got back to the rig and immediately went to talk to managers of the park we were in. Without saying “please help us” we explained the situation and they were glad at the opportunity to have us for longer.

Peaceful and excited, we could truly settle into our temporary home in this magical place.

Quit the chit chat, right? You want to know what we like about it here.

The beach

Need I say more?

couple on beach

Beautiful beach overlook

It’s worth mentioning again, we can see the beach from our living room. Oh, and if I want to partake in its sandy haven it’s only a five minute walk away.


We are very fortunate to have awesome (young) neighbors.

They are a couple of ten years from southern Oregon and maybe the coolest people we have ever met. They take me on walks (it’s hard to get me out of the RV, I’m a bad person I know), they make us food, and they are downright hilarious individuals.

The management and staff are not shy about asking how we are and what we’re up to. During the summer months, they host happy hour in the park overlook and have a resident musician play overlooking the ocean.

Pretty. Darn. Grand.

The community has been outstanding and we feel like lucky ducks.


Jeremy uses the one vehicle we have with us, so I’m stranded all the time.

Just kidding, that means I have to use my legs to move myself to other places, which I’ve learned to love.

On sunny days, this place can’t be beat, and anything we could need is within walking distance.


We’ve heard that north Lincoln City isn’t anything to write home about, but Taft, the area of Lincoln City we’re in, is known as the best part of the area.

We’re only less than 6.5 miles from a wildlife refuge, 22 miles from the Yaquina Head lighthouse, and we’re surrounded by parks and trails.

Yaquina Head Natural Outstanding Area
Yaquina Head Natural Outstanding Area, AKA Jeremy’s work place.

Yaquina Head Natural Outstanding Area

There are many things to love about a place like this, and we feel especially fortunate to be inundated with so many good things.

Where are you right now? Are you enjoying your time there?