Our Favorite Products We’ve Used in the RV

Our Favorite Products We’ve Used in the RV

When we bought Melvin, we only had a rough idea of how we wanted to renovate the inside.

After a couple months of RV living, we’re glad we took the time to spruce up the interior to make it our home.

Here are some of our favorite products we’ve used in the RV, and not all of them are technically “RV specific.”

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1. Roommates Peel and Stick Wallpaper

By far our favorite product we’ve used to “home-ify”our RV is Roommates Peel and Stick Wallpaper. This is not a quick 10 minute project, at least, not around an RV kitchen window, but the results are pretty amazing.

Roommates peel and stick wallpaper makeover

It looks like real wood!

We couldn’t believe it. Best 30 some odd bucks we’ve spent so far (besides our over the cab renovation, of course, ha!).

2. Teak Bathmat

You don’t have to own an RV to know how off-putting the plastic in the shower and bathroom becomes over time. I was also concerned I would slip and hurt myself shaving my legs, so I wanted a mat.

I’ve used the rubber mats and never felt that they were very sanitary. Jeremy suggested a teak mat and I’m glad we went with teak instead of rubber or plastic.

WayPair RV bathroom

3. Doormat

We are living on the coast of Oregon, and if you know anything about the Pacific Northwest, it’s rainy… really rainy. When it rains, everything gets wet and mud, sticks, random pieces of earth stick to your shoes.

doormat - favorite rv products

I looked at so many mats, and nowadays I rely on reviews for a lot of the products we buy. One such product is this nonslip indoor door mat. The mat comes in multiple color variations, but what I love about it is how it matches with the rest of our decor. We have used a lot of muted and natural colors. This mat looks like the wallpaper and curtain we have hanging, which makes it a perfect aesthetic and practical product for us.

4. Lap Desk

A coffee table simply isn’t practical for RV life, so Jeremy did a little research and found the SONGMICS Bamboo Lap Desk.

lap desk - favorite rv products

Not only is this product a great lap desk for doing work, it also acts as a nice little table. We use it every day. It’s small, collapsable and matches everything. The only draw back of this item is that it isn’t too stable. It works great for our purposes, but if you’re looking for a sturdy small table this is not it.

5. Composting Bin

This may not be the kind of item you’d think most people would use in an RV, and it’s probably not. However, I cook a lot of vegetables and couldn’t quite get past the unnecessary waste of throwing away extra veggie parts.

composting in an RV

I looked at quite a few options (again, I rely on product reviews) and when I came to the Stainless Steel Compost Bin by Utopia Kitchen. It’s larger than the average in home composting bin and includes the charcoal filter, which helps with smell.

I feel so good about not throwing away veggie parts I can easily compost and I have not noticed a smell ever. I would know… it’s an RV after all.

6. CAMCO RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose With Clear Elbow

I would be remiss not to put at least one RV product in here.

CAMCO elbow - favorite RV products CAMCO hose - favorite RV products

For anyone who knows about RVs or owns an RV, the black tank is a big scary monster. Well, it doesn’t have to be.

We watched a video about how to empty a black tank before we got Melvin and it was recommended to get a sewage hose with a clear sewer elbow. A clear elbow simply gives you a better idea of if/when the black tank is clean. You can see it *cough, cough*.

I’ve got to say, this hose has made emptying the tank so much less intimidating. Seeing what’s coming out takes the guess work right out of it.

What RV products do you like? They don’t have to be RV specific.