Decorating an RV on a Budget for the Holidays

Decorating an RV on a Budget for the Holidays

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d want to put in any time or effort decorating the RV for the holidays.

Before we left Texas, I gave our Christmas decorations to my family. We had no use or space for them on the road and it wasn’t until a friend asked if we were decorating the RV that I revisited the idea.

After seeing multiple rigs in the park with pretty lights and fun outdoor decor, I decided to give it a go.

My main concern was our budget. I had given away our other decorations, so I wasn’t going to hit up Target and go all out with lights, a tree, and a tinsel galore.

So, I hit up Goodwill instead.

The Goodwill up here in Lincoln City has a decent selection of most things, why not cheap decorations? I thought.

I didn’t go all Christmas elf on the rig, but after putting up some lights and a wreath on the front I’d say it’s been a success.

What did we buy?

One wreath – $6.99

Snowflake lights – $6.99

Regular lights – $2.99

Charlie Brown Christmas tree – $4.99

Christmas in the RV? Priceless. Well, less than $25 but you know what I mean.

Here are some tips for decorating an RV on a budget.

1. Don’t be picky.

When you’re purposefully trying to not spend a lot of money, there’s no room for snobbery.

Jeremy was interested in a tree and I just happened to find a used Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I literally smiled and said “no way” when I found it in the small Christmas section. Check!

Sure, the base is broken and there isn’t a single red ornament they all come with, but Jeremy can fix the base and we can make our own ornament!

It took me a good 20 minutes peering around every single item in that aisle, but I found it. I was so excited it was hard to be irritated at the less than perfect item.

Don’t be picky.

2. Think small.

We live in an RV… everything we use is a little smaller than if we used the items in a house.

I mean, our vacuum is adjustable so it can be deconstructed and stowed, so our decorations didn’t need to be able to fill the entire living space to make it feel festive.

3. Limit yourself to five things or less.

Even shopping second hand can be expensive, so it may be wise to limit yourself to five items or less.

Going in, I knew I wanted lights and Jeremy wanted a tree, so that was my focus. I had the lights and the tree, but in the checkout aisle I saw some pretty cool snowflake lights and got those too. I also ran into a neat little wreath that wasn’t green and super cliche so I bought that as well.

For Less than $25, our little home is decorated.

Like I said, I didn’t anticipate decorating our RV for the holidays, but I learned it can be easy and fun decorating an RV on a budget. 

Have you decorated your rig? What did you do?