About Us

We are Jeremy & Melanie Scroggins and WayPair is our full-time venture (adventure!).

jer & mel
Grand Teton National Park, 2016.

Welcome to our crazy journey!

We’ve downsized our stuff, gotten rid of our apartment, and bought our new to us RV. Life is good and we’re super excited to embark on this adventure.

One thing we want to do here is be honest.

Honest about the guts that goes into the glory, which is ultimately traveling and working full-time as we live the life we want as a couple.

Honest about the time it takes to plan something like a thru hike completing a national hike abroad.

And honest about the courage needed to take the leap: give up all your possessions, and live in an RV full-time.

WayPair with Melvin the RV
Meet Melvin! Our 2001 Winnebago Minnie.

Our goal is to travel full-time and work as we do so.

We finished hiking the Pennine Way in July 2017 and are now back preparing for our move to the coast of Oregon. We’ll be living there six months before we pack up and head to our new home (address unknown).

It sounds scary, right? Moving to a state we’ve never been to, get comfortable, only to move again six months later?


It’s kind of scary. New, is probably a better way to say it.

But I think we’d safely say, we are freaking ready.

No kids, no apartment, less stuff… we’ve made our lives work for this kind of journey.

Hang out with us and we’ll show you how we go from living in an apartment in a big city with stuff and obligations to making our way to a more simplified life that we own.