We Are WayPair

We all have an ideal life in mind.

Ideas about how we want to look, be, feel and live.

If you were honest with yourself, what would you want your ideal life to look like?

Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you be with?

For us, our ideas about the life we want to live did not come overnight. Time and pressure, like with many natural things, had to take their course.

Jeremy and I come from different walks of life. Our stories are different yet there are so many similarities between us (I mean, we’re married. Hopefully that would be the case!).

But beyond similarities in our pasts, we have similar views on what our ideal life looks like.


In America, we are privileged. To put it simply.

With this privilege comes a life lived that looks much different from the lives of other people across the world.

24/7 access to fresh food, clean water, and dwellings that supercede much of the first world. So, why is it that we find it hard to have a life we would see as ideal?

You will have your own answer to that question; we all do.

WayPair is the adventure of us, Jeremy and Melanie Scroggins. Together, we venture to live our lives more simply.

Less stuff.

Less obligations.

More time for each other and the beautiful world we live in.

With the hope and desire to live a life of purpose each day. WayPair is where we’ll share our journey to live a simpler less distracted life, and we invite you to follow along.

Because, together is how we will get closer to the ideal lives we all desire to live.