Origin Story

The road to a full time travel adventure begins with a story; an origin story of sorts.

origin story

While talking with a friend who knew of our plans for the next 12 months, he mentioned that when people choose to blog about their plans to travel the idea is better conveyed when people reading the stories have context that ties them to real human beings behind the stories. Human beings with clear thoughts and struggles that lead them to that origin place: the beginning of a new chapter.

Speaking from experience, a lot of us that desire full time travel seek out the tips and resources of those who are already full time traveling.

We rarely hear about the extensive planning that took place beforehand.

When I read a travel blog, I notice there is the basic rising action and climax then a BANG! and the person or group is full time traveling. We admire them, I admire them, but I want to hear more.

What were they thinking from the beginning? When did they finally set sail or boarded the plane or just walked out the front door?

What kicked them in the ass so hard that they began to make and execute plans?

I want to share that with you here. We want to share that with you here.

And so, WayPair was born.

We want you to know we are just like you. We want to enjoy the lives we’ve been given and experience what the world has to offer, together.

It is not all daisies and roses. Will power is needed to save money. A plan must be made to be sure we have an idea of how to get there. Then we must seek support and patience from one another.

But, full time travel is going to be our way of life.

We don’t have a magical formula, I don’t think most full time travelers do, but we have something that makes procrastination tremble… we have the motivation to make it happen.

Beyond our journey, we understand that others desire the same kind of lifestyle.

What bothered us to the point of creating WayPair and preparing ourselves for a life on the road, was that most people prepare for travel and adventures through a retirement fund.

Having a retirement fund is wise, but most people are at the mercy of their monetary funds. Money tends to be one of the biggest claimed setbacks of the individual no matter what kind of work you are in or where you live.

Money is king.

So we started thinking, of course we need money, but if we really, I mean truly, desire a life in which we can travel as much or as little as we want we are going to have to mold our lives differently than how we are told they should be molded.

With determination, you can do just about anything; including saving money for a long-term trip.

This is the part where most people falter: beginning.

Beginning to do anything is the hardest part of doing.

Whether it is going to the grocery store (UGH), getting your haircut, writing a novel, buying Christmas gifts for family… the hardest part is freaking starting.

In The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, he reiterates again and again that the most ignored aspect of resistance is the start of something.

“It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write.”

So, no matter where you are on your journey, take a moment to think about your end goal: where do you want to be?

When we know where we are going, it is much easier to plan how to get there.