When we first started talking about hiking in the UK, it seemed like a far off dream.

We were two newly dating youngsters who had a lot on our plates. We had stuff, little time, work, family to see, etc. etc. etc.

When we have control over the list, it goes on forever. Something in us didn’t feel right.

As we got closer, so did our dreams, and before we knew it, the adventure bug was waking us up at night despite how much we had going on.

And that’s just it: we always like to think we have more going on than we do and that is what keeps us from doing things we want. Because, if we decided to do them, we’d have to take an uncomfortable leap of faith.

So, here we are!

 sponsor waypair

We are getting excited as we begin to push our way through the growing pains of starting a more simplified life.

However, it isn’t always going to be smooth sailing. We have pretty much everything we need, but we are asking for your help.

Due to the nature of our travels, we are actively looking for sponsorship.

We are thru-hiking the Pennine Way and Scottish National Trail from June to August 2017.

Jeremy (Timber) created the brand Hitched Hike for when he thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, and WayPair is our new joint venture.

We are interested in product and cash sponsorships from outdoor retailers across the globe.

If your company or someone you know is interested in providing any kind of gear for couples like us to use on our adventures, email us at wearewaypair.org.

Thanks for stopping by!